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Michael Lusardi



Film production, Photography and Social Media Consulting

Film Production ranges from product filming for ads or social media all the way to filming a film. Photography services range form product photos all the way to shooting models. Social Media Consulting ranges from managing social media profiles all the way up to running ads on social media. Click the button to check out the whole list of services.


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The work produced by Michael Lusardi through his lense is simply impeccable. Michael shot some pictures at my wine tasting and the result was sublime. If you’re looking to capture your special moment in photos or video he’s the guy to call
— Michael Gabagas
Michael owns most of the traits needed for an entrepreneur: creative, motivated, passionate, and decisive. He is truly a congenial person that is easy to get along with.
— Ha Nguyen



To use my skills as a storyteller to tell help you tell your story in a way that evokes emotions and to create engagement with your audience.



About Me

MY NAME IS Michael

I started filming and photography by picking up a camera and learning wherever I could get the information. This was in the form of online courses Everywhere I looked they were saying that you need to tell a story with your film or in your photo, but even before that I gravitated to telling stories as a young boy. I would watch films, write short stories and even act out my favorite scenes from television and films. When I looked at a photo I could picture myself being there and all of the emotions that would go with it. That is how I picture in my head at each and every photo or film shoot. Telling the story and capturing all of the emotions that I want to evoke in the audience.